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[PC] Loss of Ultrawide support after viewing replay/highlights

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  • Description:

    I run the game in 3440x1440/21:9 aspect ratio/Full-screen. When I view a replay or race highlights from the Home screen, the highlights are not displayed in that resolution, but instead I have two black bars on each side of the screen (apparently there is no ultra-wide support in highlights/replay mode?). After exiting the highlights/replay and jumping back into a race or time trial or any other on-track activity I am stuck with the wrong (non-ultrawide) resolution. Changing the resolution in the settings etc. doesn't fix it. The only solution is to exit the game and re-start it.
  • Report Code: ATXJ-TSVT-PXXH-DTMG
  • Platform: PC
  • Game-mode: Any
  • DXDiag: See attachment. Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING Z490-PLUS WI-FI LGA 1200 Intel 10th Gen ATX motherboard // MBASU00281
  • Troubleshooting attempts: Attempted to change resolution to a different one and back to the one I want / attempted changing  aspect ratio / attempted different game modes
  • Screenshots/Videos: None, but can provide if needed.
  • How to reproduce: 

    1) Run the game in the resolution and aspect ratio I specified, in any game mode and drive on track.
    2) Go back to home screen and go to theatre and view a replay or race highlight. Note that the aspect ratio/resolution is not maintained in replay/highlight mode and there are now two black bars on each side of the screen.
    3) Go back into any racing session on track (MP/Time Trial/GP/etc.) - The aspect ratio/resolution will be the same as in replay/highlight mode and there is nothing that fixes it except for a game restart.


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