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No blurred cockpit mod with WORKING mirrors (PC) (Codemasters please fix this !!!!)

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Some cars have better mirrors than others.  When you use the "unblurred cockpit mod"  in some cars you can already see the cars behind in the mirrors, in other cars the mirror has no working function at all.

Very much looking forward to mod that fixes all mirrors. I spend a couple of hours searching through the game files, but i could not find a way to fix them.

Hope the mod releases fast and the performance drop is not too big:)

The cockpit view feels VERY unfinished. Guys with joysticks on single screen setups might not notice this, but the headcam position is very different for car to car.

Sometimes you're far away and have a very small steering wheel, somethimes you're too close to the dashboard and the steering wheel looks gigantic.

This bugs me as hell. ~X(

So i change the cameras.xml setting per car as i progress in the game, to the correct FOV / cam position on my rig.

Takes A LOT of time, but in the end it's more satisfying.
For editing the cameras.xml i use a laptop and edit files on the fly through the network connection. This way i do not have to exit the game everytime, just re-enter the championship.

Codemaster did great job with adding a single configuration file in which triple screen users can edit the FOV for all cars at the same time, too bad they REALLY screwed up the camera positions in a lot of cars.

Like the blur in the cockpits and the mirros this is something they should fix.

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The fact that Grid 2 modders could only implement a cockpit view not unlike GAS's makes me think that's really all it can handle at this point without bringing the game to its knees.
I have second monitor with 400x400 broadcast renderend realtime. I am preaty sure that engine could handle rendering 200x150 pixel realtime dashboard.
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Avenga76 said:
I know my setup is very different to most peoples but I actually like the new zoomed in cockpit view. It is about the perfect FOV for my rig. Before I would have to spend ages editting camera XML files. Now I just put it in zoomed cockpit and she is all good.

I am not worried about the in-game gauges not working because I use external gauges anyway.

This is my view with in the Formula C

So I can safely assume you don't go for racing games in a big way.:D Just kidding, it looks expensive.

HoiHman said:
Well Berney added Grid Autosport pretty fast, i just emailed him yesterday that everything is working as it should (he didn't know yet)

Looks like you're expanding your already awesome rig to a ultimate one ^:)^ ^:)^

As far as i believe the back of the GS-4 seat is not adjustable. I need to be able to tilt it forwards, because sometimes people have to pass behind me and there is only 2" room. 

Yeah Berney got it done quickly. I got my Simvibe and GS-4 going on day 1 and I was sharing my testing results with Berney.

I have also shared my testing results with both Symporjects and FanaLED. They are both adding it to their software soon. I have a manual work around which lets me run my Symprojects gauges and FanaLEDs using the F1 2013 plugin.

Yes, that is correct, you can't move the back of the GS-4 seat. How about doing like a hinged base with a quick release at the back. So that way you could just flip a switch at the back and tilt the whole base forward. It really is worth getting if you are in to immersion.

It has got me hooked in to motion now. I am going to start designing and building my 2 DOF system soon.
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Oks uploaded rearview fix mirrors




This alpha version already makes the game a lot better
Some cars still have better mirrors than others. 

CM should pay you 

Keep up the good work.

Very much looking forward to the next version


Please be man enough to comment on this and give an official answer wether you guys are gonna fix this for the PC or just simply layback and let the community solve this.
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Synergist said:
NhraRacer said:
Is the mod legal? If so where can i get it? Sorry if it's in this thread, i couldn't find it.
http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/cockpit-cam-no-blur.89248/#post-1755875 is where you'll find it...
Hi Synergist, good racing the other night, nice to meet you.

Can this mod be used online or are all mods for offline only?

Hi! Yeah, was great fun the other night -- must do it again! I'm more familiar with handling of some of these wagons now but still got a lot to unlearn about their handling, especially the ones previously from GRID2!

Tweaked my G27 setup too and it feels much better. Up for more racing this week with my friends if you're interested. You guys are fast - and hilarious ;-)

Not tried the no-blur cockpit mod myself yet, but I don't think Codies are too fussed about camera mods so it should work fine online. They may well just validate stuff like car physics properties; it's a question for Loore and I doubt he's going to willingly divulge whatever anti-cheat mechanisms they use ;-)

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