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I was under the impression that the assists are supposed to assist new/casual players to learn and be able enjoy the game. Not give them a superpower that enables them to compete against the elite of the elite. 

the current state of the abs is just ridiculous. Scrolling through the top 1000 TT times at any track shows about 90-95% of them is set using abs. Made me curious.

So I decided to turn on abs and test some laps. And it really is sad how slamming on the brakes just perfectly balances the car through the corners with perfectly adjusted brake force. 

I have never driven a real F1 car, so i don’t know how it would act if it had abs. But the fastest I have tested is a gt4 car, and it is very noticeble to feel when the abs kicks in, and that makes you quickly realise the benefit of adjusting your brake pressure to avoid making the abs kick in.

The assits should be an assist to save you and help keep you on the track. Not a ’cheat’ to help you fly through the track like a superman simulator.

Ps. This is not me trying to tell anyone ’how they should play the game’. Its great that the game is accessible for the casual of casuals to the sweatiest of sweaties. I have a problem with the competetive balance of a game that wants to be taken seriously on the esports scene. Right now its like the olympic committee is handing out doping to all competitors, to balance the feild, in case they didn’t feel like traing hard enough.

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100% ageed. I think, assists should support players learning the game and it is great that they are there. However, if you are able to drive without assists, you should never be pushed by the game mechanics to turn them on because it is faster. In my opinion, this ruins (semi-)competitive racing in groups where not all drivers can play without all assists. If you have one or two newbies and you have to allow assists because of them this currently triggers all other players also to use assists because it is faster.

I would like some sort of handicap dependent on the assist. Maybe there could be something like reduced throttle for TK, reduced braking performance for ABS, reduced grip for racing line, etc.

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