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Multiplayer AI are blind!

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Title says it all. The Multiplayer AI needs to fixed! Playing 2 driver career is fun and all.. But the AI are just blind for what's happening around them. They demand the line even if you are a car length in front of them. 

Trying to outbrake them and you will get damage or taken out. 

And they will absolutely push you into the wall of you come out of the pit at Spa.

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This isn't just a multiplayer thing.  This is AI across the whole game.  I was about to make a post about this kind of thing.

It seems like the AI are on 'slot car tracks'.  They follow the line as close as they can, while avoiding other AI cars pretty reliably.  The problem is they don't seem to register the player even exists sometimes.  You can be side by side with them and they STILL don't leave you room a third of the time.  At first I thought it was me just doing a Hamilton and not judging the corner correctly, but I've been going into the replays and it's definitely the AI just blatantly turning into me.  I accept that lap 1 is just gonna be a **** show, but this bad AI behavior exists regardless of lap.  Some maps are quite worse for it than others.  Anywhere they can squeeze you into a wall they will probably do it if you give them the chance.

The AI will also cut RIGHT in front of you after an overtake in a braking zone and then they will brake check you like you've never been brake checked before.  You will go into them.  You cannot stop it unless you just give them the position and back off from their overtake

What makes this issue even more frustrating is the AI seem to have a different damage and physics model entirely.  While they get away with grinding and bringing on the thunder in turn one on simulator damage, if you so much as look at them wrong you're inviting them to swerve out erratically and clip you, ruining your wing and race immediately.  They also don't seem to be pushed around as easily as the player is.  The AI will be glued to the track whenever there's contact in a corner, but if they bump you, you go flying and they drive on like nothing happened.

I appreciate it's difficult to make good AI, but this AI in particular does some extremely frustrating things and it makes racing against them entirely unsatisfactory. The safest way to gain positions is to cheese dive bomb turn 1 and 2, and you can take 5 spots no problem on any track.  This feels awful and dumb, but it's the only way to get through turn 1 on most tracks and it's the only way to safely pass.  Trying to race the AI or to overtake them 'conventionally' and you're punished with massive damage from the AI not giving you room. You're also punished for trying to make it difficult for them to safely overtake you by the AI cutting you off in a braking zone and forcing you to rear end them.  The AI need to at least pretend to value their car.  They can't be so gung ho to drive the line.  A real racer isn't going to risk his whole race just so he can stick to his line on lap 1.

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I agree
Have got same problem in career mode, AI are too much aggressive, even when we pass an overtaking, they will dive bomb like morons without taking care of the damage (which they will hardly have unlike us) 😞

Maybe if they could take more damage, they will be less tempted to push / run into us

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