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as a title said, 

""When I open game, it saying: Load failed. I pressed turn off autosave than I created profile again and in menu I tried to turn on autosave, but it is saying error. So I can't save my game. Everytime when I open the game "Load failed" error occurs. How can I fix it?

What I tried:

Reinstall game, delete save files, run as administrator, run in offline mode, Run DX11 version...

(Protected Folder access turned on in Windows Defender, Try to play this with another steam account on the same PC  )

Is there any other fix than reinstalling Windows? I can't reinstall Windows, I have lot of programs and work on my PC, reinstalling is impossible for me.

Please can someone help me, I really love F1 and I want to play ASAP 🙂 ""


I borrow that above query  from here.


and now I also got this exact same error.  (Report code:BPMT-JMSE-KGRX_TTMG)

I'll attatch my DxDiag file here so please check that please.

I can't wait to drive

Thank you


2021-08-09 (8).png

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forgot to attatch report code
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  • JAPWAP81 changed the title to F1 2021 LOAD FAILED ISSUE (Report code:BPMT-JMSE-KGRX_TTMG)
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i have f1 2020 game and i bought f1 2021. i have same problem at two game now! bought this 2 game from steam and they don work. steam didnt made any paybacks when i tried to return game... this is realy shame, if you guys found the solution please tell me.


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