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Long loading and problems playinng championships online with friends in Dirt Rally 2.0


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So i've been having this problem for some time and i can't understand what the problem is, the problem is as i said the loading times for getting into maps have increased dramatically out of nowhere and when i try to connect to a championship with my friend it sometimes gives me the message that it failed to connect is "Make sure you are signed in and your network is OK".

My network should be fine since i have a port open for games and all other games work fine without problems and the only game that doesn't work fine through that port is DR2, other things i have tried to fix this are changing core affinity in task manager, making sure that dirt has a path through the windows firewall and making usre that all the files are valid through steam.

The only thing i haven't tried is re-installing the game and i haven't done that yet since is because it's basically a two day thing to re-install the game for me since my internet speed is dookie.


Does anyone have any help to give me with this, i don't really have anymore ideas on what to do expect to re-install the game but i'm pretty sure this has something to do with my network but i can't figure out what it is.

If you want additional info about my pc or modem just ask.

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