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Percentage for damage

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It would be good especially with the new damage model (which is great) to have a percentage of damage to wings etc like we do for the tyres as in simulation damage you can kiss the wall but the wing would stay green but you actually have damage, so at times it’s hard to tell if you got away without any damage or not. 

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21 hours ago, IRONHIDE30 said:

Yes, that would be nice. But I think it's a mistake in the game I use standard damage and in my team career mode a very small touch from the wall or another car is enough and I have minor front wing damage but in MFD everything shows green without damage.

Yea that’s what I’m saying would be good to have a percentage as well so that you know you have damaged the wing

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It’s a good suggestion and something needs to be done as it is difficult to see the difference between no damage and light damage at a glance (“green” vs “lime green”).

However, I also feel a percentage number might be difficult to see at a glance, as it will probably get very congested in the MFD with all the various bits that can be damaged.

Because they use the spectrum from green to red (and I also think the range is skewed toward the front percentages, i.e. all that first 40% of damage is crammed into the green-orange spectrum and anything above 40% damage is red) it narrows the options to display colours to represent the % damage and can be difficult to see at a glance.

I think they should extend the colour set from purple to dark red, which will then extend the options to display colours to represent the damage %, and then each % change will make a marked difference in colour displayed. I also think there should be a step change in colour between no damage and damage, something like;

- purple = no damage
- blue colour range (start with an obvious dark blue colour) = very minor damage (1-10%) 
- green colour range = minor damage (11-20%) 
- yellow colour range = medium damage (21-30%)
- orange colour range = heavy damage (31-40%)
- red colour range = major damage (41-100%)

This will make it much easier to see at a glance, especially minor damage.

Obviously, the above would require a bit of “education” of the user base, but they could put in a little colour spectrum with 0% and 100% markers into the bottom of that MFD screen.

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