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Thrustmaster F430 FFB not recognized.

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I bought Dirty Rally from G2A awhile back, played for 12 hours or so, with this same wheel, with no problems....then my game key was revoked by Steam because the key I got from G2A was bogus. I just repurchased the game through Steam...and my F430 wheel isn't recognized. Just the 2 keyboard pre-sets. It used to work just fine. But now it does not. My hardware is all the same, 4770k, gtx780, 16gb, SSD's. Only change has been going to windows 10 from windows 7. What the hell am I missing?

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OK, I found this post-


With this suggestion-

"Found this solution on Reddit and it actually works.

" If you've recently updated Nvidia's Geforce Experience, uninstall it (and go back to a version prior to 2.6). That fixed it for me, weird."

However it is really strange that GeForce Experience could cause this problem"

I uninstalled geforce experience totally and "Thrustmaster F430 Wheel" now shows up in presets. :O

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