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I await changes


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congratulations for the great game and great audio
I ask the leaders dirt:
1 - and 'replay can choose only from external views, model TV coverage?
2 - remove the browser from the recovery helicopter
3 - visual internal degrees steering wheel do not match
4 - all visual internal lose speed
5 - all in Italian sailors are bad and getting worse.

thanks and sorry if maybe these questions have already been made
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ok chiedo scusa, ma non parlo inglese, scusate ancora.
sicuramente pero vi avrò fatto fare una bella risata :-)

quindi oltre a fare i complimenti per il gioco eccezionale, sia in qualità grafica che audio (miglior suono del motore di sempre)
volevo far notare alcuni punti ,che nonostante gli aggiornamenti , non vengono rimediati:

1 - la possibilità di scegliere ogni singola inquadratura nei replay ,specialmente quella Riprese tv, fissa e non casuale
2 - rimuovere la voce del navigatore dalle riprese elicottero
3 - nella visuale interna il volante non rispetta i gradi di rotazione del volante (poco realistico)
4 - tutte le visuali interne perdono di velocità di gioco
5 - il navigatore in Italiano e' veramente uno dei peggiori mai sentiti,e questo e' peggiorato dall'ultimo aggiornamento.
     ho ascoltato navigatore del gioco in inglese e spagnolo sono bellissimi - quello nella mia lingua e' veramente noisoso,

scusate ancora per il mio pessimo inglese tradotto 
un saluto a tutti e buon lavoro
ps la subaru e' fantastica

1, He wants to be able to choose every camera during replays (aka Video Editor)
2, Doesn't like the Helicopter Cam
3, In car wheel rotation doesn't match up with his real life wheel rotation
4, In Car View lacks any sense of speed.
5, The Italian Co-Driver sucks

Then he says the English and Spanish Co Drivers sound amazing, apologizes for his lack of English, says the game is great and the Subaru is awesome.

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I reckon he typed the Italian for navigator and it spat out sailor
Yeah, yeah, but the result was quite funny and unespected xD

The first time I read that I was like "hehe, meh I dont know that joke or meme". I thought he was jokingly :smile: 

Back to topic, I agree with some of the points he listed:
- Internal POVs removes too much speed sensation with just 1 screen (despite FOV config.)
- Steering wheel still not represent the real turn; my advice until this is fixed (if it will be) is turning it off.
- And YES, "spanish sailors are bad and getting worse too" ( :wink: )
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OzoreXS said:
The steering wheel animation won't be changed. 
Thanks, any reason for not doing that?
I think someone else said in another thread that it's a low level animation or something, meaning they would have to go through a bunch of  "layers" to get to it. The time it would take could be used for something much more important.
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Malyngo said:
Also, it requires the hands of the driver to grip the wheel in other places to turn the wheel all the way.
I imagine that is hell of a work to do that and make it look good, without clipping and stuff.
With the growth of VR though it may become a more highly demanded feature. Some other race sims already have it.
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The full rotation could be made at least for the "Wheel/No Driver Arms" option
RaceRoom Racing Experience does exactly this, the "wheel only" option has full visual rotation, "wheel+arms" option the wheel doesn't go past a certain rotation (270deg i think, pretty much like DR is now)
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This is easy to say than done, but I think near in the future the EGO engine needs to almost be started fresh.  There is a lot of legacy code, as they call it, in this engine from way back when EGO was first used.  Stuff like this, camera views, and lot of other options, are now part of most modern (past 1-2 years) sims/titles, almost expected.  

This is the catch 22 with long established publishers and titles and a brand new group.  Its a bit easier to look at the community as a whole and either implement at the go or plan for future expansion, when just starting out.  Budget of both time and money must be met and it becomes easier to patch your current engine then to start new.  Lots to factor in, and no reason NOT to voice our opinions as long as there is reason to our expectations. 

We'll have to see what comes out of DiRT Rally for the future, will they get a bigger budget?
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thanks for the answers.
let the sailors navigate on ships :)
hahaha damn translator :'(
my reports, I hope to improve this wonderful game, to make it a wonderful sim rally tomorrow.
often it is the small details to increase the sim.
I hope for a greater commitment on the Italian voice,
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I hope at least take away the voice of the replay television helicopter
and to put the opportunity to choose to use the replay, the view that more like.
this should be done
who knows what I wrote :#
laughter and 'free :)
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But who knows what he wrote? Nevermind - laughter and free!

Actually, I believe it's because of the translater.

The free might come from the italian word for thanks. He said, who knows what I wrote, he laughts and thanks. The italian word for "Thanks" it's "Grazi", that could be understood by the translater as a misspelled for "Gratis", that in italian means free.

At least in portuguese the word for thanks is "Obrigado", so no errors once or ever... altought it could mean that I'm obliged too!!!

But you are nordic, so you get it hahaha
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