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2 hours ago, RockyRodgers said:

l am finding the game pretty good do far, am a mature player never thought i would be playing video games at my age.

Well its either having an amazing time playing video games on your own or having some old friends around that used to be fun ; boring you to death talking about how much their house is worth and what tedious nonsense their tiktoking children are uptp and how brilliant they are , YAWN !!!!!!!!

I'd recommend all the Metro games such as Metro 2033 & Metro last light , gunning things down for a few hours is always nice to do after you have had a visit from some old friends. Waffling on about their Skiing in Provence Hols or whatever boring xxxx they think will impress you.

Keep up the good work there's endless games out there on PS3 & Xbox 360 that alleviate the pain of having to endure peoples wedding photographs or whatever little ceremony they've been participating in.

How lucky you are to have found video games instead of wasting your life. Regards your Uncle Bingo.


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