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MyTeam - Team orders via Voice/MFD - order teammate to let me past


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It would be nice if we could order our teammate to move out the way in MyTeam - this could be achieved via a pre-defined “voice command” type input that you can say via the microphone (“Team Mate Move”), or select via the MFD.

Have had a number of situations in a 25% race where we both started on softs. Teammate pitted before me (as I’m good on my tyre wear and can go longer), he went on hards, when I pit I go onto the mediums.

I catch up to my teammate later on fairly quickly, but he wouldn’t let me go, despite being on the faster strategy and having more pace, nearly taking us both out in the process every time I make a move to pass.

Luckily I get past fairly OK, but wasted time and laps trying to do so, therefore stopping or limiting my opportunities to overtake those further afield once past (effectively “holding me up”).

It would have just been easier to order him to move aside - as a team we’d have better chance of taking home more points. 

If it was the other way around and he was clearly faster I’d have let him through. That could also be facilitated with a message from Jeff (“Fernando is faster than you 🤣) and an option to then agree or not via the MFD/voice input.


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