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Game doesn't work in performance mode

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Platform - XBOX Series X

Peripheral - Thrustmaster TX Servo Base

Peripheral Firmware - Up To Date (as of 08/08/21)

Peripheral Condition - New and fully functional in older F1 Games, Dirt 5 and any racing game it's been used for

Monitor - Supports 1440p@120hz

Modes - Online, Time Trial, Career, Braking Point, My Team

When the game is put into "Performance mode", input from my peripheral steering wheel doesn't correspond to in-game.

  • Sometimes, after clicking the appropriate button to shift up/down, the input isn't recognized and nothing happens in-game.
  • Whenever clicking the appropriate button to enable/disable overtake, there is only a 50% chance the game will register this input.
  • When steering, the game seems to round the input to the nearest 15 degrees, so if I hold the wheel at 24 degrees, it will snap to 30 degrees in-game making steering almost impossible.

None of these issues are present when the game is set to quality mode, and the same issues repeat when using a different monitor which supports 1080p@120hz. Wheel firmware is fully up to date as of writing this.


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4 hours ago, RayzMY said:

@BarryBL I’ll like to bump up this game breaker bug for all players on ps5/Xbox series x running on performance mode 120hz. It’s not fixed in the latest patch 

It's not a PS5 issue as far as I'm concerned. The only issue mentioned above I've experienced running the game at 120 Hz is the overtake button one, not the apparently broken FFB.

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1 hour ago, Dunky1980 said:

Yes I'm also having this problem when I put it in 120hz mode. The DRS button randomly only works some of the time. That's on the Ps5

Definitely DRS and not ERS? Just checking as the latter is a know issue but I wasn't aware of a common issue with DRS. Personally I've experience issues with ERS when in toggle mode but not DRS.

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