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[XB1] Audio Bug

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The issue in question is a audio bug that i have experienced. The audio cuts in and out for about 10-15sec each time. You can't hear Jeff or the engine. While this is happening the steering gets laggy/choppy as well. It happens a lot more during a race instead of practice and qualifying. It hardly happens while offline or not in a Xbox party.


Platform: Xbox one

Game mode: Co-op career but the bug happens in most game modes even on the home menu

Players: 1 other player. They don't have a forum username and they don't have the issue. They are on Xbox Series X

Host: I was the host

Troubleshooting: I have tried changing all audio settings, restarting the game and console, I have tried different audio outputs e.g. headsets and tv no fix, It appears to happen less regularly in offline modes and when I'm not in a Xbox party but still happens.

Video evidence: (Same as files attached)



How to make it happen: I can't make it happen but it happens most regularly in a race online while in a Xbox party

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  • steviejay69 changed the title to [XB1] Audio Bug

I have the same issue and it is so bad that my Xbox will shut off. I can play but I have to have no applications open, not be in a party or have a headset on. Had to stop all online races I have coming up and haven’t progressed past the first race in my two player career because had to skip races because of the bug.

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