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Camera view stuck on Cockpit


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I cannot change view to TV Pod and get it to stick, when I go back to the car it reverts back to cockpit. This only happens in career mode, everything else allows me to change in "preferences" or short cut key (L3) during game. I did a whole season on F2 with no problem, but it started immediately when I went to my first F1 season. I am on PS4 and using a Logitech G29 wheel. To add, when I go to preferences I get the options to change, I can then make changes and it appears to change in "view" but the only options I have to get back to the game are "change to default" and "back" at which point it goes back to the car in coclpit view. I get a report code of EEAJ-PMES-GJXA-HBEG. Any ideas??  Thanks.

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