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Nerf assists


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This isn't an attack towards assist users, but assists are way too good right now. When you go into time trial, there are many assist users in the top 100 (mainly ABS) especially in tracks such as Brazil and Bahrain, where braking zones are extremely important (have to brake while turning in etc.). This game in its current state doesn't encourage learning no assists and as a driver who has put time and effort into driving without any assists, its quite annoying when there's almost no reward for it. I believe, that assists should be for new players and casuals, and if you want to be competitive in time trial and league racing etc., it would be beneficial to drive without them. But that's just my opinion.

By my calculations:

In xbox top 100 Brazil: 42/100 drivers use assists (mainly ABS) which show on the leaderboard (racing line doesn't)

In xbox top 100 Bahrain: 39/100

In xbox top 100 Hungary: 29/100

In xbox top 100 Singapore: 41/100




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