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F12021 PS5 Crashes on Title Screen- Error Code CE-108255-1

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8 minutes ago, flober333 said:

Ok @BarryBL, duly noted.

@ScaredDuck, I have just tried with a mobile hotspot and it doesn't work... 

I have also tried to change the langage of the console and of the game (french to english) but the issue is the same.

Language.  Just one last thing.  But I’m sure it is but is your console set to correct date and time.  The only other thing I can think ofg

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10 hours ago, flober333 said:

Thank you @BarryBLfor your help and thank you @ScaredDuck for your ideas.

@ScaredDuck:  I tried your both ideas (connection by ethernet and connection out of PS network) and unfortunately it doens't work despite the last patch today (1.08).

@BarryBL: if it can help, as @KENTOBENTO when I start the game with Internet disconnected I have the crash error 108262-9 whereas when Internet is ON, I have the crash error 108255-1. And as  @KENTOBENTO I have pre-ordred the game on the PS store. Two informations which may be useful for developers for identifying the origin of the problem.

@ScaredDuck I can confirm. Very strange 

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15 hours ago, slayerajay said:

Hi all,  I am having the exact same issue with the game on ps5,  same errors too,  and my ff7 is crashing too.  But I have only played the game when I got it aug 6 and tried yesterday and was having the same issues you both are.  Tried all the same resolutions with no success

If you're having the same issue with more than one game then this ratehr points more to a console issue than an F1 2021 issue. If you've tried database repairs and a console factory reset may be your best option but it's usuall advised to contact Sony first in case it can be avoided.

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I am also getting the PS5 crashing problem while playing Call of Duty Cold War, even my internet is working fine but still the game is crashing every time I start playing. 

In my case disabling the rest mode works to fix PS5 freezing and crashing problem. So it is worth you give a try doing this as the rest mode is turned on by default. 

But if still seeing the problem then try rebuilding the PS5 database or reinstall the specific game.

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