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PS4 Time Trial - Personal Best changes to Default Ghost when changing car


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  • A detailed description of the issue: In time trial mode, a previous personal best at a track will later show as Default Ghost on the same track if the game has been restarted and the car has changed. The livery will change to the newly selected car. Game has to be restarted and the car has to be different - changing team on equal performance does not seem to cause it. This present in 1.05 and same in 1.06
  • Report Code: DXER-EBBR-PCAX-CKSP
  • Platform? PS4
  • Game-mode? Time trial
  • What troubleshooting have you tried? Reset on screen ghost or set a new fastest lap
  • Any screenshots or video of the issue? 1st image - time set driving Maclaren 1:38.606. 2nd image after switch to Merc - same time shows as default ghost, not personal best and livery mark shows green not orange. (On track car also shows as Merc but I couldn’t capture it) 3rd image - leaderboard after exit/restart session, same time shows as Maclaren
  • How do you make the problem happen? Pick a track not previously used so as to easily set and exceed times. Go faster than default ghost, but leave some headroom. Personal best should now match leaderboard. Exit session and close game - restarting session only will not trigger. Restart game, select time trial and change car - must be a different performance spec, either equal to actual or actual to different actual. Changing within equal performance didn’t seem to do it. On track, personal best will now read Default Ghost and livery will match new car, not car that set original best time. Saw this on Hungary, Spa, Monza (only ones I tested). 

BTW time trial seems much better behaved now over 2020. So far seems to download times/upload times/set new rival pretty consistently - thx




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