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GRID Autosport 3D Vision

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Bad News for 3D Vision users Unfortunately !


"MeqTrader said, Still the same issue, even with the patch :( Nvidia 3D Single Card is still giving me 1 rendered screen, 1 white screen. 

... and here


"ALK Woody said, Nvidia 3D Vision - Still not fixed ... it still only render one half,  the other ( right eye ) , is completely  black ..."

Sorry GraphicsGuy and I really do hope you can get it sorted this time because I think most 3D vision users are just single 3D monitor and not in StereoVision ... although you would think if it works in one mode it should work in the other.

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Well after downloading the steam patch last night my brother & I have wasted too many hours of our rec time hopelessly trying to get GAS working in 3D vision ... we tinkered with the Hardware config files and tried different Nvidia 3Dvision profiles using Nvidia inspector - Fail !   There has to be something that is just not coded right on the game side of things and whatever was patched didn't fix the issue.

We also tried with TriDef3D drivers using the Grid2 profile because others on the steam forum mention they made it work but it definately does not work on this setup we have.  It only comes up saying there is a direct3D error and refuses to start at all in 3D with Tridef so buggered if I know how they got it working at all.

This PC system is pretty normal and running GTX780 with latest drivers on Intel2600K system with 16gb Ram and Asus Mobo. Monitor is Asus VG278H ... don't know if any of this info is useful because I already sent codies the dxdiag and hardware config files over a week ago and later they said they had fixed the issue.

Who Knows what in Blue blazes is going on !!!???

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Hi guys - apologies for the confusion. You can see the patch notes here:



Although unfortunately there is a misleading line in it regarding a multi-monitor fix, that suggests 3D vision might also be fixed by this patch. (I'm getting that updated now)


The 3D Vision patch missed the cutoff for this patch, but is due out in the next one. I think I added this info to a similar thread but missed it off this one.

Sorry for the wasted time guys, but rest assured that 3D Vision support will (finally) be working very soon!



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Really !?  Ok at least we know now that it is not our PC or something else ... but it is really confusing you guys put out the patch and notes that indicate it is fixed ... also when you said "fix in upcoming patch" and then a week later the patch comes then it is safe to assume it is fixed, right ?

This line in patch notes caused confusion : - 
Nvidia Surround Fix - Improved 3D Vision Surround compatibility within cockpit cams when using a triple monitor configuration

You should know that we ( and who knows how many other users ) spent alot of wasted time to get this working under a false belief... just saying that maybe you have a better system with your PR guys to get CLEAR information across to the end user.

I hope it is worth it and you have some convergence setting ( unlike Grid 2 ) and can you give ETA of this long-awaited fix please?

Thanks R&R
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Too True we were hyped to go race in 3D !   I quoted you from Steam AlkWoody LOL :)  

I really hope the 3D is better than Grid2 because you could not modify the Convergence setting for Hood view without totally screwing everything and it only worked if you used Helix convergence hack.

Can you comment on the convergence setting please Mr. GraphicsGuy ?
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It is nice to have 3D but without the ability to adjust convergence for cockpit or hood view, the effect is just not as good. Especially for driving games the pop-out achieved with convegence adjustments is really what adds to the sense of immersion. Great examples are both Assetto Corsa and rFactor2.  Others are Milestone games, MotoGP13 and MXgp.  All of those allow convergence to be adjusted to suit the user.

There is a hack that allows me to adjust convergence in Grid2 but it only works in bumper cam view and the view I most use is either Hood or Cockpit if it is available. Also the limitation is it cannot be done on-the-fly and must be preset from a config file so is very time consuming to get right and as I said it doesn't work in Hood view.

So if you can patch GAS to allow convergence to be adjusted in game, for Hood view at least, that would be awesome. Is it possible for a future patch ?
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Well I have to say after playing some more today that it is disappointing :(   The 3D is good if you like to race from outside the vehicle in 3rd person view ... but I never do that so is only to view car briefly.

Because the convergence is locked there is no way to bring everything to a balanced depth of pop-out for Hood /Bonnet view or Cockpit view.

It is easy to see that it could be very good 3D effect from one of the cockpit views where the depth and pop-out is quite good but it is ruined by the visual of the car cockpit being totally out of focus.

I really do not understand why seasoned racing game programmers such as Codemasters do not have this aspect of 3D fully worked out yet,  and maybe it is just that they do not have interest in 3D vision or similar.  3D vision is so well implemented in other racers like rFactor2 and Asetto Corsa which are older and even Milestone have great 3D in there bike racers like MXGP & MotoGP13 so there is no good reason for Codemasters not to implement similar is there ?

With Oculus Rift DK2 on the horizon and 3D becoming more popular it about time that this is looked at seriously.
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Well one can edit the Convergene... but just like in Grid 2 , not in the game itself....

You will have to go to My Games \ Grid Autsport \ and then somewhere there is a graphics config file, 

then there are two properties to  find:

convergence and seperation , you can fine tune them there, but as said ... not in the game itself ... so it will take some time to find the best settings , i tried porting my settings from grid 2 to grid autosport...

did not work so well =(  
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi guys,

Thanks for your patience - the next PC patch (due out very soon) addresses these issues.

The changes/fixes are:

* no cockpit blur with AMD HD3D or NVidia 3D Vision

* Convergence can now be set using the hotkeys on NVidia 3D Vision

* Convergence works properly in bonnet cam and interior cameras

We are really pleased with the difference this has made to the 3D Vision experience, so thanks for pushing us to get this sorted!

There is however one caveat - the default convergence for 3D Vision in GRID is far too extreme, and we have asked NVidia to fix that in their driver. In the meantime, you will need to reduce the convergence via the hotkeys, and save settings that you are comfortable with. Without this, you will find the cockpit is so extreme that it splits and doesn't look 3D at all.

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Srr guys! I have a situation that I set up the same patch for 2 pc which are exactly the same setting, but only 1 working right on the graphic! The other looks like black car with the yellow and white pattern on it! Is it 3d problem? I m using gtx 680 now! Can anyone help me with this?

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Hey nice Graphics Guy.... good job ... I had shelved GAS until this was fixed and been totally engrossed playing Elite: Dangerous (super cool and totally awesome Space game)  but I will soon go back into Steam and get this updated and check it out over next few days

What you mention about the default convergence is not a big problem because it is easy to just make a comfortable setting, key to it is that we can save that setting with the Nvidia Hotkeys but you mention that it can be done so really no problem and it should be totally cool !

Thanks again :)

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