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New stage infographic (Including Finland and Germany)


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Hi guys,
here is some new stage infographic. I thought it would be time again, that we have something like that.

2560x1440 http://picload.org/image/pagdpcr/infogfx_rev1e_2560_1440.png
1920x1080 https://picload.org/image/pagdwgi/infogfx_rev1e_1920_1080.png
1600x900 https://picload.org/image/pagdwgl/infogfx_rev1e_1600_900.png
1280x720 https://picload.org/image/pagdwga/infogfx_rev1e_1280_720.png

By the way, has anybody else been banned recently? My old account has been banned without notice and customer support does not answer. Really weird.
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