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Everyone's opinion on Driver career mode transfers

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Hey everyone

I have been thinking about this one for a while, especially over the last couple of games. What is everyone's opinion about the driver transfer market, not the AI drivers- but your own personal driver ? 

For me, I don't like and never have liked the way we can enter in negotiations with any team and they are happy for you to join. On my career mode halfway through season 1, I've been doing pretty well and I am able to negotiate with every team on the grid...surely this isn't realistic. I remember back in a previous game you could negotiate with Mercedes after only 4 races so at least it has improved a bit. 

I've always wondered why the teams who are interested in you can't contact you throughout the season to see if you were interested in a drive with them for the following season. Or in special circumstances they might want you in the car straight away, but the difference is that they have approached you. I understand why codies have set it to be this way as some people do not want to feel trapped in their team for more than half a season. That is fine but what about just a simple button that says Driver transfers and you can set it to realistic (Teams approach you if you are doing well or don't if you aren't ) or simple where you can keep that feature but also you can enter in negotiations with other teams much more easily. I'm just spitballing so feel free to rip that idea apart if its not popular !

Also I'm aware that this could be put on suggestions but thought I would gauge how people were thinking first. Let me know your thoughts !

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