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Codies Racing Line: August 12, 2021


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  • Codemasters Staff

Hey, you made it! Glad you could join us for another Codies Racing Line – our fortnightly round-up of content and info about your favourite Codemasters games, and updates from within our community and culture. After a surprise guest author last week, we’ve regained control of the ship, and S.S Send It is at full speed for another voyage.

Latest news from three different Codies franchises are coming your way today, ranging from patch notes and Playgrounds guides, to reminders and real-life rallying. Enough of the waffling on – let’s get into it…

F1 2021


Hey all!

It may be the summer break, but it’s always race week with F1® 2021. How is F1® 2021 helping you through the summer stretch – are you set on scrapping with Devon Butler in Braking Point, racing your rival in two-player Career, or forging your own F1® team in My Team? We’d love to know!

F1® 2021 Gift Boxes
Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been sending out spectacular gift boxes to some special people, like Racing Ahead creator DurkChocolate We think they look pretty cool – don’t you?

If you’d like one of these boxes for yourself, make sure you follow our channels, as we may be giving you a chance to grab one for yourself. Just maybe. That’s all we’re saying right now.


Sim Racing And F1® 2021

McLaren’s very own honey badger, Daniel Ricciardo, talked to Autosport earlier this week about sim racing, F1 2021 and getting his own rig, which you can read right here. Ricciardo was chatting to media at recent event – and all we’re saying is, you may want to keep a close eye on our channels to see something super special.

Help For Heroes

This Saturday (14th August), Help For Heroes is launching a tournament on F1® 2021, including some Racing Ahead members, and we’re proud to be collaborating with them! You’ll be able to catch this on the Codemasters Twitch channel, and you can donate to their brilliant cause right here.

Patch 1.06

We released Patch 1.06 for F1® 2021 on all platforms at the start of this week. If you haven’t seen the notes for this release, you can read them all on our website.

We’re listening to all the feedback you’re giving us and investigating the issues you’re sending over. If you have a burning question, want to share setups, or report something that’s not quite right, come and join us on the Codemasters Forums – we’d love to hear from you.

See you next time!

– Jenny

GRID Legends


Now, we know we don’t need to tell you twice about GRID Legends being revealed to the world at EA Play Live, and that it’s launching in 2022. We don’t need to remind you about the first look at the ground-breaking virtual production story coming your way, the return of Drift, or anything we unveiled in July.

What we do need to do is bring you more details on everything else coming your way in GRID Legends – from new cars and tracks, to brand new ways to play, to online innovations. After today’s update, we’ll be going quiet for a little while to focus on doing just that, later this year. Before we head back into the garage, though, here’s a final reminder of where to find all the confirmed information on GRID Legends, and how to make sure you’re ready for what comes next.

Check out the official GRID Legends website for the first game info, as well as the official trailer and first screenshots. Recently, plenty of you have been enjoying the shots of the Audi A4 Quattro BTCC, as featured at the top of this article, and we can understand why. Following our social channels are, of course, a good start to make sure you don’t miss anything, so join us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you catch any GRID Legends trailers, gameplay and more, the moment they arrive.

Finally, keep GRID Legends front-and-centre on your platform of choice by following or wishlisting on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. We’ll also be using the News area on PlayStation 5, and the official GRID Xbox Club, to share content – follow GRID Legends on those platforms and any latest news will be fired straight to your console.

All bases covered, then. We’ll be back later this year to start hitting homers out of the park.

– Chris



Believe it or not: It’s been three weeks since DIRT 5’s biggest ever update roared onto Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam! Three whole weeks to tear up new tracks, put new cars through their paces, create other-worldly Playgrounds, and explore everything else we stuffed into Update 5.00. It’s been a blast watching our community dig into that update and the Super Size Content Pack – but we haven’t taken our eye off the road ahead. Even more content additions are coming to DIRT 5, and we’ll have more details in the coming weeks!

This week, though, we wanted to double down on the recent feature additions to Playgrounds, where you can compete and get rewarded in more ways than ever before. First up, there’s Creator Rewards – the new system that hands out scaled rewards to all players who create Playgrounds. Any custom arena you create can earn you currency and other goodies, and if you publish a Playground that really gets our community buzzing, you’ll regularly receive cash, Rep, and XP.


These rewards are also up for grabs in our new Weekly Challenges, where you compete against the globe on a hand-picked Playground. Have as many attempts as you like to nail your best time or score, rank high on the global leaderboard, and collect your rewards every Monday. It’s fun and competitive, but also helps with unlocking exclusive items like liveries and stickers, and gives you more cash to buy cars. What’s not to love?

– Chris

Codemasters DiRT Rally Team


We’re off to Belgium

Hot off last month’s podium in Rally Estonia, the Codemasters DiRT Rally Team’s heading to Belgium this weekend for the fourth round of the 2021 Junior WRC season. After two challenging gravel rallies, Jon Armstrong and Phil Hall will be back on the tarmac as the routes cut through Ypres and end at the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

Having won on tarmac in Croatia, this is a good opportunity to take back the championship lead before we head to the season finale in Spain. Here are some words from Jon about the upcoming challenge:

“People always talk about the cuts in Ypres. Some of them are quite deep and cambered. You have to watch out for the ditches, though. You can’t afford to slip into one of those. Also the four-wheel-drive cars in front of us will pull out loads of gravel which we will have to be wary of.

“I’m looking forward to getting back on tarmac and I’m excited by the rally in general. We are looking forward to putting in a good effort to see what we can do. For us having a retirement in Portugal means we need to continue having a strong run. I don’t necessarily think we need to win the rally to win the championship.


“We just want to do the best we can and if we get a win that would be great. We are still just focusing on getting better and doing a good job.”

There has also been a lot going on behind the scenes to get the team on the road this year, as Jon mentions:

“I just want to thank each one of my sponsors and supporters who have made this whole journey possible. I couldn’t ask for much more after the first three rounds, it has been great to show my speed again this year. We have two big rallies coming up so thanks to those who are driving our campaign forward behind the scenes.”

I’ll be getting updates from our man on the ground throughout the weekend, so keep an eye on @dirtgame to see how we get on.

Bye for now,




EA Play just got a whole lot… racier! This week, eight Codemasters racing titles stormed onto the EA subscription service, and are available to play right now: DIRT 5, F1® 2020, F1® 2019, DiRT Rally 2.0, DiRT Rally, DiRT 4, GRID, and Project CARS*. Jump into all these titles with EA Play, alongside games from iconic franchises like EA SPORTS FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, and more. Plus, grab exclusive rewards, content, and discounts by becoming an EA Play subscriber. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate player, you’ll receive EA Play, including these new Codies titles, at no additional cost. Smashing.

*Project CARS is currently available on EA Play for PlayStation and Steam.

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