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She placed her hands on the backs of their heads and pulled them intimately close, then kissed their lips. "I want to know you both think I'm so beautiful, that you'd do things for me, you would never do otherwise."
His **** throbbed as he considered her request. What was her ultimate fantasy? What would he end up doing to fulfill her deepest wish?
She moved to Josh's other side, then knelt and slowly slid his **** to the back of her throat, and he studied her unbridled desire. God, she made that look so enticing. She raised her stare, then slid her hand around his head and he leaned closer as she released the **** and motioned to give him a kiss. He shut his eyes as her soft tongue met his, but he couldn't stop thinking about the **** she just finished sucking.
He tried to taste it on her lips and was almost disappointed he couldn't, then wondered if Josh could taste his **** when he kissed her.
She ended their kiss without releasing him, then immediately swallowed Josh's ****, and he had to lean closer to accommodate her grip. The view was like nothing he imagined. She was so gorgeously feminine and he suddenly had an unbelievably intimate view of her oral skills.
He gasped as she released the **** and quickly fed him her tongue and his heartbeat pounded as he tasted the excess saliva in her mouth, wondering if it had been on Josh's ****! She ended the extended succulent kiss and elated, "Yes!" then bent over and sucked with increasing fervor.

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