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Car customization & liveries update?

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After thoroughly getting to grips with the game, I can honestly say that it is truly great work. The AI is sharp, the visuals are slightly improved, and the physics are a milestone improvement from GRID 2. Well done codemasters!

Now onto my issue; the car customization and liveries, online clubs get to have their own custom livery to separate them from the rest of the pack. Great stuff! Except it's not, a few basic patterns on one layer, with customization colors for that pattern, custom color for the car, and a few sponsor decals. Not exactly 2014 custom, (same goes for the club badge I mentioned in an earlier post!).


Please give as honest an answer as possible, is anyone in the development team working on improvements to this livery editor, or at least anything planned as yet? Like putting a custom logo onto your car would be awesome in online bouts to represent your club, this can be done with manipulating layers of shapes and things. Like many other titles have accomplished with ease.

It is something that my club would love to see, and I'm sure we're not alone, that racing as a club with our 'unique' livery and logo on our cars as we fly by the opposition!
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There's nothing planned right now, but we'll be sure to keep you updated should this change :)

As with all parts of the game, we'll be monitoring things over the launch period and gathering loads of feedback from everyone.
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Initially you do get a few Knob Jockey's who think that variation's of pen's and jizz are great to have as their logo, but pretty quickly they fade away. BF4 was the same, every second image was a Dick Tracy, but once they got bored it's become a great way for people to show their creativity with some epicly good emblems.

Would be nice to have a decent livery editor as people's creativity always wins out over the pen heads ;)
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