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I play this game on a series x with a thrustmaster ts-xw, ferrari f1 wheel. I have played I would say as much as anyone since this came out lol. I want to keep seeing this series, and game improve because it has so much untapped potential especially with the real life interest in F1 increasing and the cars becoming more racey next year.


1. Expected lap times for practice programs should be shown on the display before the lap starts so you know what pace you are looking for before you are blazing across the start line. I cant strategize at all when I dont know the goal until on track.

2. Make track acclimatization program, qual pace, and race strategy available in the standard 'grand prix' mode in practice. I want to learn to be fast with racing line off and these programs, specifically acclimatization give a good way to improve in practice without just running infinite time trial modes which gets quite boring without different goals

3.  AI is too fast at Monaco across the board. Difficulty is unbalanced at that track. At 110 Lewis Hamilton is doing a damn 1:07.3 or something.

4. Jeff loves to tell me right as a race started, literally while I am battling for my life, that some component is worn... cant he say that BEFORE the race while sitting in Parc Ferme?? He also likes telling me I have 2 laps of fuel left mid-one shot qual. Need to work on the context in which Jeff speaks. He should be off on lap 1 till sector 2. he should be off on qual laps.

5. You should be able to change the setting of your preferred driver cam from any menu. Having to pause and switch views right as a race is beginning because I feel like running a different camera for a couple sessions gets so old for just changing what should be a quick setting.

6. Braking Point - maybe it is just me but damn is 'hard' difficulty tough to even win the F2 race... the fastest lap of the AI is up there with the fastest lap in time trial mode when I looked. Abu is a tough course to find the pace to catch the leader even if you pass the other two.

7. Update Spain track for new turn in final sector. I was disappointed this wasnt in the original release as one thing I was excited for was to try it out.

8. Wonder if there is a thought for experimentation with a driving line that displays grip status instead of speed expectation... would be a good tool or assist to use to improve as you learn how to find grip with traction control off

9. Make lockups have a telemetry indicator? I know its more like an assist, but dang I cant tell if my rears are actually locking up or coming close. idk this one is a throw away

10. Online lobbies: Auto-kick players that are excessive idle, make a way to leave lobby from waiting for players to get check mark loading screen, it'd be nice to know someone's hardware they are using too like: pc, xbox series x, xbox one, ps4, ps5, etc.... the reason is because most people that hold up lobbies are ones with bad hardware and bad gamership by not paying attention to advancing or loading.

11. Could there be an assist that shows track limits? I would just want to run a lap with it so I actually finally get a legit show of where the game defines out of bounds because even in real life kerbs and lines having different rules across tracks is rampant. Just look at Austria compared other tracks.

12. More obvious indication of save points

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