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MyTeam Save Broken/Corrupted


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After I completed the final race of my first season (Abu Dhabi) I went through the driver market period thinking that after I got all my money from my 2nd place finish in the constructors and my main goal being achieved thinking that I could sign a driver before Bahrain. When I realized I couldn't I Alt F4'd and opened the game to see that my team colors, team name, etc was all blank. I had a reserve driver with all 25 stats selected for my teammate. I also wasn't able to select a main goal for the season so I didn't have one. When I go to customize my livery, badge, or team colors back to what they were originally, my game just crashes. I am not able to change my team name, colors, or anything without my game crashing. So now I am currently stuck with this and I don't want to restart from the beginning. Please help!

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