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Great game - some questions for both Devs and users

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I just got the game and really enjoying it. Yup, late to the party, I know.

Some questions:

* I've purchased the ultimate edition upgrade yet I have to buy the cars with in game currency? I haven't even made my first mill!

* What do the different transmission options mean? Should I just keep it to manual sequential? I'm on a controller and play with manual gears. Looking for the most realistic and authentic experience.

* There are apparently missing gear shift animations on a number of cars and cats with paddle shifters sees the driver kicking the clutch in as if he's working a stick shift. Also, the flappy paddles on the cars don't move ....

* Are the developers planning to resolve this or was the game released in a partially finished state?

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1.  the ultimate edition gives you extra cars you can buy, but no free cars

2. yes on controller it is best to keep it on manual sequential.  you dont have enough buttons to assign the gears.

3. no dont expect anything qua patches or updates.

they are working on a new grid game, so everyone is working on that and if they wanted to do patches or updates they would done that awhile ago already.

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