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Are hotlap leaderboards different for different regions of the world?

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When I watch hotlaps on youtube the top drivers on the leaderboard are different as compared to my leaderboard.  Is this because there are different databases for different regions of the world? or is this based on the console that is used to play the game?

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The leader boards have been recently combined on f12020, f12021 has the separate boards for now.  It appears that they combine the leaderboards when the new version comes out, they are for sure combined now with some tracks having over 200k entries, prior to the combining, the PS track entries was around 80-100k.   The leader boards should also be separated between assists on or off besides platform but I doubt that will happen.  The whole TT Leaderboards are a mess anyway, from what I understand it is very easy to cheat with a PC and post totally unrealistic times.  I guess you can cheat with a console too but I think it is more difficult then a PC, not sure, just seen some posts on cheating complaints over the years.


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