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MFD not showing small damage on front wing

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I am aware this was meant to be fixed in update 1.06 but I'm afraid this isn't the case. Has happened multiple times on multiple different tracks throughout myteam career mode but I suspect it occurs in different modes also. Basically if you very gently tap a wall you get front wing damage which you can feel in the handling, you can also visually see it, and your pitcrew know because they will change the front wing but there is no colour change on the mfd and the mfd also doesn't pop up. I run with both car damage and car damage rate both set to standard.

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Myteam career mode (I suspect it occurs in all single player modes at least)

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Tried fiddling about with damage settings but the same thing occurs

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go to any track, gently tap a wall with your front wing with damage set to standard. Not too hard as you'll get lime green damage on the mfd, just until it looks like it does in my photo. Then flick through to the mfd and the front wing colour will not have changed compared to a fully repaired front wing. You could also drive around a bit and feel how much extra understeer you get.

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