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DIrt 5--no sound on PS5 with G923 wheel plugged in

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I recently bought Dirt 5, and I installed it on my PS5 the other day. There is an issue with the recent patch I guess, and I don't know what's happening. If you start the game with the G923 wheel, and once you get past the intro videos, there is absolutely no sound--navigating through the menu, music, engine sound. Would anyone in this forum know what's going on? Are there some settings that I need to play with to bring the sound back? What I feel the issue here is the wheel being connected to the PS5 using a USB cable. There is a workaround for now, but it's quite a hassle. This involves turning on the PS5 using a controller, and then connect the wheel once you're past all the intro videos. This seems to be doing the trick, but this can't be considered as a long-term solution to this issue, surely. 



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I ran into the same issue with my Thrustmaster steering wheel. There's audio up to the title screen with the 'x start' button. Pressing 'x' with the steering wheel connected results in no sound.

I hope they fix this issue soon as only the most hardcore racing gamers - the 'golden cohort' who spend serious cash on racing games - are affected.

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