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Keeps raining keeps me thinking. Scripting rain is pointless exercise...

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When it starts and by how much and when it stops and how quickly it dries.  (I have no proof. Just what I observe.  ) make it plain to see the weather model in races is designed to put you in a position where for instance it’s raining your on inters just 4 laps from the end... rain stops and track quickly dries.  If you stay on inters like your closest ai rivals. you’ll run the risk of overheating and fall off the cliff.   Still couple laps from home and car is already struggling.  Or do you cut your loses pit.  

Or other scenarios like this.  in effect as its scripted it’s designed to cheat you out off a decent finish..

i don’t mind a little scripting but I hate that games have cheats it activates to help the ai.


but there’s really no point.  As we have unlimited. flashbacks or as I do if it’s only showing slight chance off rain in race.  I turn off parc ferme.  Cause even on perfect weather forcast. Rain comes when game feels ai needs help.  

I use the options to my advantage cause it rains way to often and with purpose Of tripping me up/. If game can cheat then so can I:

the weather model really does drain enjoyment out off the game.  After race after race off the same thing rain comes at worst possible time most off the time..

even had Jeff tell me I should come in for full wets.. ai on old inters stayed out. I cone out off pits only for Jeff to say inters are the best tyre right now come in this lap.

and I would really prefer not to keep changing settings through the season. I have no issues with losing races and finishing way off the pace.  But going from expecting to finish with some good points.  To finishing way back or not finishing.  Because  I’m the only one by design that suffers from the negative effects of weather scripting:

If it just happened very occasionally.  It would be a good challenge to try and beat.  And losing out in the odd race because the game ai cheated isnt the end off the world 

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I don't know how y'all can play through this glitched, bland, unrealistic career node to be honest. I'm glad I've skipped it a couple of years, it seems way more annoying than its worth and Codies don't seem to be listening to players complaints about it. 

The last good one was 2017, at least it had some charm and character to it and a small taste of the bigger world of F1. 

Now it just seems like you live in a showroom, read the world around in email form, and every race takes place on a cold rainy night in Stoke.

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Never gets as windy as stoke

This is probably my actual issue off myteam career... on the few occasions  everything seems, dare I uneventful.  Weather nice you have  had some good r&d upgrades.  You’ve put in a strong qualifying lap.. race day comes no sign off rain.  Race pace is good your mixing it up with faster cars.   You can clearly see this game   Has the meat and all the trimmings.. but suddenly you notice sprouts and the rain comes 

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