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Rank your top 5 disciplines .

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RobertKNL said:
I haven't played it yet, but I'm looking forward to:

1. Open Wheel
2. Endurance (Aston V12 Zagato looks stunning!)
3. Street 
4. Tuner (Time trials in overpowered muscle cars? why the hell not!. Also, drifting looks pretty fun, hope it's 'easy to learn, hard to master')
5. Touring (I'm starting with this class, and looks really awesome)

Once I've played this game a bit, this list will prolly be different :)
the drifting is one of those easy to learn difficult to master things... its been alot of fun for me so far. i suck at it but ive still had a few ok runs, i turned it on easy for those events and its no problem getting first, ill probably keep it on medium now. id love to see some videos of people being really good at it. also its not just time trials with the muscle cars, theirs actual races in their too, im having alot of fun in tuner events.
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