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On the 2nd page of the MFD it shows you your pit window and what position you are likely to come out in if you were to pit. It could be a big advantage however to have it show gaps, if you were to pit roughly how far ahead and behind would you be of the drivers in your pit window. I think this would be a great addition and make it much more worth using, especially for hot competition. In high tier league racing and esports drivers have their engineers who tell them about the race, but even with that its hard to gauge where they'll come out compared to a rival, especially with under and overcuts, however even if it is a rough estimate (due to different pitstop times) then it could be a really useful addition, seeing if its worth staying out or boxing asap. Its hard to gauge just using the full map to see where you'll come out, so if you've been undercut and are set to box next lap its good to see how much your rival has gained with an overcut, or around monaco you could see where a large group of cars are, and if you are still gaining time so you can perfectly judge when the earliest available time to pit is and come out just in front of a large group in clean air

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Something that also would be very helpful is to make it that after selecting 2nd page of MFD, on the track map there should appear a circle with some special color (double/triple colored?) which would show you where (more or less) will you come out after pitting.

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