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Another week without a patch lol

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Unfortunately over a month since release and online multiplayer is still a struggle to play.

Joining empty lobbies several tries in a row, full lobbies being scattered after a race, racing 2/3 players at a time is the best you can get out of most tries. 

I bought this game early to jump ahead and get a head start on an exciting year of Ranked races, very disappointed. 

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19 minutes ago, massa88 said:

Please explain half things 

also patches are normaly on 14 days so expect it next week i hope.


The damage model that no longer exists, up to date car performance, the fact every time I play online I feel like I’ve hit myself on the head with a hammer 

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I'm not worried about that. Codemasters is putting a lot of effort on giving gift boxes to influencers and making youtube videos with current F1 drivers, which seems more importante than fixing a complete buggy game. (contains irony...)

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3 hours ago, massa88 said:

also patches are normaly on 14 days so expect it next week i hope

Might be that players / buyers get impatient, because a) previous patch did not bring the fixes needed / everyone was waiting for, or b) the issues that need a fix are so obvious / affecting play so much like broken multiplayer lobbies, invisible holes in (torn?) circuit maps, missing tracks / performance updates and whatnot. Cant blame anyone, who is not writing a positive review these days.

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