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The penalty system needs fixing.

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You mean like this? lol


Honestly this game gets worse every single year. I mean in no way did I gain anything close to 10 seconds, probably more like two and either way, I rejoined the tracking almost going backwards, overall i'd say I lost time. And this is all having not even considered the fact that I have been wiped out by an absolute moron (who goes by the name of LewisBlack5297 for the benefit of anyone who likes clean racing) who threw me across the track to begin with. Also checking the race director after the race he wasn't given any kind of warning or penalty for colliding with me, may be because he DNF'd but I wouldn't put it past Codemasters thinking this was a racing incident.

It surely isn't out of the realms of realism that its possible to make zones on specific areas of the track where if you're going above a maximum speed, it forces your car to ghost so that it isn't possible to do what this ***** did. It also shouldn't be impossible for the game to know when you have been hit across a corner forcing you to cut it, Italy turn 1 is an absolute stand out for being given a penalty because someone used you as a brake.

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