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The buggiest lobby we have ever run


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Hello Guys, 


I want to report the buggiest lobby most of us have ever seen. The full video is here. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1126183345

Playstation - Sunday 5pm UK time. 

Some of our racers have raced with you for 20 years and invested so much time and money in your game. All their practice and our commentators and viewers time was wasted because of the game bugs I will highlight.

Before you get bothered will all the bells and whistle, fancy new story modes etc. you have to get the racing basics right and resolved.

This is the very essence and substance of a racing game - to race. If you cannot race on your game everything else you do on your game is already flawed.

How can people race properly when they don't know their position? Cars ghost on and off the track? Cars ghost backwards and forwards into each other?

To summarize the video - 

1. A racing game cannot be a racing game when the 1st/2nd place car is displayed as 19th for the whole race.
2. When the order of racers is jumbled up not just the first few laps as usual, but lap after lap, almost until the end of the race, no viewer or racer can enjoy or make sense of the race.
3. When cars go on the pits and their ghost appears on track it's a distraction.
4. When cars red X then jump 100 meters down the road and back again, it messes up any ability to race closely. 

We race with each other every week on the same connection, so we know it's not that.

Please get a dedicated team working on resolving these long standing bugs in the game, they matter much more to racers than all the other fancy features that have appeared whilst these bugs continue to blight the game.


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