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F1 2021 is the worst F1 game in a very long time (TLDR: Codemasters not caring about the playerbase)


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2 hours ago, gatorlb said:

They reference a performance patch.  That seems to mean performance adjustments (e.g. making a Red Bull faster and Haas slower).  This is not the same as a complete handling rework. 

Relative car performance is irrelevant for eSports as they all use cars with equal performance. So the difference won't be the sort of performance change you're referring to.

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I suspect it will make the eSports cars slower vs now though. This is actually something Tom97 had reported was going to happen around launch time, I think based on info. from an eSports driver. I'll be honest it had been so long now I was doubting this was going to happen now though.

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On 8/23/2021 at 8:45 PM, BarcaMascot said:

Firstly I would like to state this only my opinion and that many people may disagree with me which is completely fine. But reading forum posts, Tweets and watching glitches unfold every session I do, F1 2021 has been absolutely woeful so far in the games lifecycle. Now don't get me wrong some positives have been made like graphics for example, they are a major step up from last year and make the game look refreshed, Yet these positives are massively overshadowed by how bad the bugs and glitches have been so far. Some of these bugs include: 
- Cars loading into completely different tracks than everyone else in Online
- Having no in game music 
- Wheels losing FFB randomly and having keyboard inputs (Why is keyboard even enabled on Xbox anyway ?)
- People loading into a wet session when its dry for everyone else 
- People having safe files deleted 
- Wheel users not being able to change there button bindings/mappings
- MFD not displaying damage 
- Kerbs that send you to the Moon (Italy and Russia mainly) 
- Kerbs that immediately spin the car for no reason 
- The AI having OP downforce levels in MyTeam 
- When pitting the AI crashes your car into the pit wall
- The game randomly retiring your car in online for no reason 
The list goes on and on and on. The game is plagued with bugs and after todays patch notes it feels like Codemasters are completely ignoring our bug reports (Majority of the issues listed have been reported but with no reply). Now personally this shows a complete lack of respect for the player base, charging us upwards of £70 for an unfinished bug riddled game feels like robbery. And dont even get me started on the new tracks that have yet to be added ( I understand these take time but come on). Codemasters please listen to us. Fix Online, Fix the AI being overpowered, please just fix the bugs and issues and not stuff like "DRS beep is now louder".  Again, this is my own personal views. ✌️

And, 11 months later, it's still horrible. Definitely the worst instalment of the franchise with it's inconsistencies, bugs, glitches, and general Codemasters lack of taking on actual feedback. Here's to hoping and PRAYING that F1 22 is better....

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