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Finish race in first but position changes


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  • A detailed description of the issue.

Completed a 25% race in co-op career. Qualified pole and spent the entire race in first. Had the best lap time by 3s and no penalties. Once crossing the line half the field immediately changed position and Sainz had the best lap time by 10s despite being 8th.

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Co-op Career

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Nothing to be done, race was over and results saved. Checked the "highlight" reel and recorded a video of the positions swap as I crossed the line.

  • Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. 

Have a video of the replay highlight but it shows nothing other than my car crossing the line and the leaderboard being shuffled. Can post if needed but it's fairly useless.

  • How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible.

Unsure, nothing of any importance occurred during the race such as repairs, SC or penalties etc. The weather changed from raining to dry mid race was about the only interesting thing to happen.

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On 8/24/2021 at 6:52 PM, danunit said:

This is the video I have from the "highlight reel". The car seems to jump ahead once crossing the line as you see the positions all shift about. Almost seems like it's synchronising something incorrectly post race? 

It's only the second race in a new career after the first save was corrupted 😞


I had the same on my team career mode. My team mate was 10th but after the finish he was in 11th..

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The game has gotten a lot more unstable after Patches .06. and .07. It happens almost daily now that the finishing order somehow glitches and winner changes. 

I thought a patch was there to fix a game, not destroy it even further. 

Also it has occured many times now that a finish over the line is very close but very visible who won and yet the timing must be wrong. Has happend twice yesterday alone. I was fighting with someone over the line and both times i was by almost a full car length behind and yet the game still said i won by a couple of thousands. 

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