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TFR eSports | Season 12 | Season Thread

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TFR eSports | Season 2 🎮

OFFICIAL RESULT: @CJH_87 Wins the opening round of Season 2 🏆

It was the Ferrari man who picked up his first TFR win after a late penalty for @LeythEwan 🔥

Bahrain 🇧🇭 | Top 5
🥉 Simolandia


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Updated Standings after Round 1! 📊 

@CJH_87 leads the way after taking his first TFR win in Bahrain 🏆

Haas boss @LoganAurand will be delighted with his teams start after @LR_Delta finished an amazing 4th 👏

Work to be done for reigning champs Aston Martin😱

#TFReSportsS2 DF78360B-28B7-45D4-8DB0-31140577EA59.thumb.jpeg.9bb6e7067a4d60aa0cc03d93c7dbca31.jpegDE60810A-1227-4C57-B36A-9ED7FDD6F4DE.thumb.jpeg.414511416af4edd201f94b1976d28e88.jpeg78A14910-DF3C-484C-8EAD-A7E43725FDF5.thumb.jpeg.9631d64a868919544de49ab1b22ea94e.jpeg

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Round 2 RESULT: @AFCB_Arthur picks up his first ever TFR Win 🏆

The Williams driver picked up a stunning opportunistic win as the rain hit Spain 🌧 

Shoutout to XCarrotFingerX who picks up his first ever podium in TFR🥉

Spain 🇪🇸 | Top 5
4️⃣ Simolandia


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@LeythEwan leads the way after back to back 2nd place finishes 🏆 

After his first win, @AFCB_Arthur charges up the championship order ↗️

Can favourites Aston Martin turn around their dismal start to the season 😰

#TFReSportsS2 C482B79D-430E-4C69-B842-05D5B44B740C.thumb.jpeg.f5160da6705802c4b716b4146d4df6ae.jpeg

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@LeythEwan continues to lead the way after making it three 2nd place finishes in a row, but @CJH_87 is closing the gap after winning in Monza…🏆

Ferrari and Alpha Tauri are already pulling away from a huge midfield battle ⚔️


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