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[IMPROVEMENT] Less frequent tire punctures + co-driver annoyances


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1. Tire punctures happen too often. If I go off the track and hit a tree, a rock or a fence, tires should not get punctured almost every time. It doesn't even need to involve a big crash with multiple rolls for it to occur and the chance of getting a puncture as soon as you get off the track is almost predictably high. I am often even surprised I didn't get a puncture after hitting something at moderate speed.

2. The co-driver does not always have to comment on the tire puncture. He cannot immediately know what tire got punctured and he often already starts commenting about it even before the crash is over or before the you have recovered from spinning out. It is very unrealistic and annoying. In real life, the driver would have already noticed it himself shortly after the incident. Same for the "Front right/rear right/... tire is gone." phrase. It is unnecessary; the driver would feel this immediately and there is no need for the co-driver to inform the driver because he would've noticed it himself already.

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