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Issue with Oculus rift possibly seperating eye images can only play if i close one eye. please help!

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so out of nowhere the rift mode got really weird.  it works fine until i'm actually put in the car. this is where things get wonky.  It seems like it's outputting the two eye feeds wrong bc it makes you go really crosseyed and everything looks all smashed together.  If i close one eye you can kind of play and it looks ok.  But if i open both eyes the hole car looks smashed together and like my codriver is sitting in my lap.  I updated to sdk 0.7 thiking that was the issue but it's not.  I also tried to uninstall/reinstall.  I was hoping that maybe it was just a little setting but theres no options that i can find that will let you adjust the rendering distance.  Anyone ever have this problem/a solution.  It's killing me DR is my favorite game and i ordered a g27 specifcally bc i was having so much fun but between the ordering and arriving of the steering wheel this happened.

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