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Dirt Rally 2.0 start suddenly freezing in online mode in August 2021


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Hey, guys! Suddenly I got this issue after 1 year of playing. Something is wrong with the game or steam or online servers or idk, not on my side. I got enough powerful lap with 2070 & i7 9750h and been playing all the time on the same settings

So it was working fine until August - The game starts working fine at 60FPS in a race around 40-60 sec, but then suddenly freezing to 3-4 FPS
IT IS NOT ANY ISSUES IN MY hardware or drivers or something, the game working fine on 60' CPU/GPU temperature, coolers are fine

This is the first time i got a trouble with Dirt Rally 2.0..

Checking if this problem solving by offline mode - but it's not the way I'd like to play purchased game at all... Any feedback about this?

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