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Thrustmaster no forcefeedback


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I haven't experience the thrustmaster no ffb bug before. Today I recieved and have started using the SF1000 wheel, and since changing to that I have had no ffb what so ever. I have verified in other games that the ffb still works. Switching back to the stock rim brings back ffb. How can a rim be causing this issue?


OS - win10

Base - Thrustmaster t300

Rim - Stock (was working) / SF1000 (not working)

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This is the "F1 2019" section of the forum. I am assuming that you meant to put this in the "F1 2021" section. I have provided a link to the F1 2021 report an issue section below. I suggest you post there and fill out a COMPLETE bug report. It is also helpful to search for other threads already started on this subject instead of starting a new one.


Report an Issue - Codemasters Community

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