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 I am an older man who is new to gaming and forums. I do need some help. I have a XBOX 360 that I found real cheap and it has been my buddy during the sequestering that 'The Rona' has given us. My problem is with The Peak Performance Pack that is the primary DLC for Grid 2 Autosport. I have no peripherals, nothing fancy, just a stock 360. and a couple of controllers, one cordless. 

Whats up with this?!  I am able to download the Peak Pack into my hard drive but my system refuses to play it, it doesn't even give me an error code! it just acts like I've never downloaded it...So I cleaned my caches, deleted and redownloaded the DLC approx. 10 times using different wifi hotspots and I still get the same result....Inaccessible content. The hard drive shows its in there, but the game wont or cant access it (!?). It really sux because I am at a point in Season 3 where I need to use some of the other cars offered to progress through the season but I can't and its really, really upsetting that I am being held back for some kind of technical issue (?).

Any help including links to related threads would be greatly appreciated. I did contact Microsoft and they directed me to you guys.

Thank you very much

     Mr. Carl Griffin / Gamertag: Griffy Griff 11

     cfgriffin0529@gmail.com / cfgriffin0529@outlook.com 

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