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[Steam] Sideways car on track and Safety car out on track without any yellow flags or indication

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  • The clip shows myself going past a car parked in the middle of the track on entry to turn 1, from checking footage this car is there for about 20 seconds prior to my arrival but no yellow flags are brought out to indicate a hazard on track. A safety car is brought out but the map does not indicate full course yellows and the race director does not flash a full Safety Car either.  
  • Report Code: GHDK-TDRJ-TDEH-ABVG
  • PC, Steam
  • Social Lobby, Unranked
  • [ONLINE] 18 players, @CharmanderNerd, @Somtha
  • [ONLINE] I was not the host in this lobby. The host was Blazehomewrecker.
  • [PC ONLY] DxDiag included below
  • Link to the bug: https://streamable.com/4bmmw4 and in case of that not working, video is uploaded below
  • Prior to this there was a disconnect in the lobby on lap 18, I'm assuming it was a desync between the player Crispy and the rest of the lobby. Other than that, there's really not too much to go on to try and replicate this.


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