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Introduction of LonelySquid


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I am LonelySquid, I love the Overlord series (secretly hoping op Battlerock DLC coming to PC & Overlord III of course) and enjoy to read posts online. Most of my time I spend thinking about stuff and I hope to get my hands on a new Codemaster game some day, so I decided to make an account here to check things out every now and then.

If Codemasters where to make or have a poll/question pannel for interesting ideas I would love to sign in on that, am not really a Beta-player kind of person since I often feel way too sleepy for that but well.. cannot have everything right? 🙂 Anyways, happy to be here and if any sort of thing pops up I would love to check it out here or on the forums, if people have questions or something like that leave a post down here and have a wonderful day!

- LonelySquid

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