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[XB1] RGP Searching for more experienced and quick/medium pace drivers for Season 6!

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Here at Rocket GP [RGP] we are all about clean, fun, and competitive racing. And as we head into our 6th season, we are looking for more drivers to join our family.
We are preferebly looking for faster drivers to join our premier tier.

Info about Rocket GP [RGP]

- Xbox Tier 1: Saturdays 17:00 BST
- Xbox Tier 2: Fridays 17:00 BST

- Qualifying Length (ALL Tiers): Short/18 minutes
- Race Length (ALL Tiers): 50%
- Calendar and team line ups to be revealed prior to season start date
- Xbox Tier 1: Strict corner cutting, all assists EXCEPT pit lane assists
- Xbox Tier 2: Regular corner cutting, all assists allowed
- Every driver is allowed to make up to 2 appeal/enquires per race
- All drivers are expected to driver cleanly and have good sportsmanship on and off track, failure to comply to these rules will result in a post-race warning/penalty or even race/season bans

We are a friendly community of Formula 1 fans who love to race against each other in one of the most popular social leagues, come join the server and vibe with us!

- @R0CKETW0LF#3003 xoxo

Season 6 Entry form: https://forms.gle/BUroVAfvfacie2FSA
Discord Server (MUST join): https://discord.gg/Fum3pGK
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/RocketGPRacing

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