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If I was the boss... id do it something like this

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Just chatting to someone in messenger  about lack off codemasters communication agree/disagree love/hate I don’t care... I do care about the users even certain little trolls and codemasters. And there are just so many negative posts... some just imo stupid rants but most from people with genuine gripes and concerns about the state off the game and their experience.  But with the lack off communication from codemasters it’s adding to the frustrations which is something senior dev and management can not keep ignoring... 

so in my chat with a members who’s opinion I value.. I said this

They need someone who understands pr... I can understand why they are distant... if they post they will just get hostility... and they fear is they get the wording off a single post wrong.. someone will jump on it and make what’s already a pr nighmare  a whole lot worse...

personally I think they should start a thread manned with either a senior dev or someone with a pr background who has a instant direct line to a senior dev. Thread should state any posts by members that are abusive or just rants will be given zero time and delete.. then a short note from head dev expressing their regret that this years game has fallen far short off expectations.  We are doing our utmost to rectify the situation... all those who currently own the game will get 10000 pitcoin... we know this isn’t in anyway going to make up for this years failings... But please believe we are sincere and hope we get the game patched to a level our loyal and valued fanbase expect and deserve... 

youll always get your haters and what ever Taylor swift says but something along these lines I believe will go someway with at least calming the majority who are decent intelligent people who will if nothing else give codemasters until this new handling whatsit is released.

No need to explain and make excuses...  we all know the what challenges we’ve faced in the last 18 months... and we don’t want to hear excuses.. we just want a game that works  as well online as it does offline and on every platform.

i know the game outside this forum has given this game positive reviews... but it’s not just haters that come here  The fans boys come here also(think by the lack off shouting down anyone who picks fault...even they are finding it tough to blindly drfend the game).  And if you start losing your hardcore fans to other titles you’ll only have people that play on occasion.  Then not at all

btw I’m glad I’m not the boss

I apologise for spelling mistakes and total random words.  Very old iPhone. Worn screen and I’ve yet to master auto correct 

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There will always be the case of Hello Games and their pink unicorn fabled reputation to rags to riches again story with No Man's Sky. And they went radio silent for the whole process. They're outliers though and things became shamefully toxic until the proper fixes started hitting. 

Being an annual franchise and with the current divisive state the game is, they could use their existing newsletter Codies Racing Line to throw a couple lines about the major issues being tackled, even if they can't readily present an ETA. 

Honestly, last week we had that pitiful altercation on twitter apparently with a cringy 16 years old prominent in the dirt-stirring role and that could not have been more ridiculous. A possible NDA breach followed by a circus built around the void of Codemaster's lack of solid PR.  

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Came across this online the other day. Part of the article was talking about the esports handling model. Basically explaining why they have to separate handling models. This bottom part that I circled is interesting…

Would love to get peoples opinion on how soon Codemasters soon really is?


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