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Servers failing

Esa Ahonen

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Today the game first said no club data available and I couldn't enter the clubs. Then I later got into clubs but lots of trying to get to next stage in event. Also leaderboards were empty in race. And now the Clubs website doesn't show results.

This is very common lately. @PJTierney Is there any hope this will get better?

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@PJTierney I haven't been able to get to website at all after yesterdays race. I don't even know if my stage times were saved since there were error messages through the race and after the last stage.

You have lots of DR2 users still using the sim. And to my experience the most common topic on any DR2 series Discord are Racenet problems. This is really not acceptable. 

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27 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

I flagged it with the web team, been seeing more people say the club site is acting slow.

Because theres definitely something wrong.
Until now everytime I got an error message I could just repeat and it works again, but who knows how long that will work.
Often it doesn't even want to show the leaderboards after a run, even before the uploading part.

It's a bit different than the RaceNet issues we had in the past.
It seems to work, but quite slow and unreliable.

Acts like that since a few days now. With a day in between were everything was fine for me strangely.

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