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[DEVICE SUPPORT] No analog handbrake with T300RS


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All my analog pedals (clutch, brake, accelerator) works fine if I assign them the in-game clutch, brake and accelerator functions... I can see the calibration sliders moving in my wheel profile and in the game. But as soon as I assign any of them the handbrake button, they act like on/off switches rather than proper analog inputs. The sliders also stop working in the steering wheel and calibration menus. I've tried with the cheap pedal set that comes with the T300RS as well as a T3PA-PRO and same thing. If I plug a joystick and assign it the handbrake function, it works as an analog input in the game. I've also verified integrity of game cache in Steam. So I come to the conclusion that this is really a DiRT Rally analog handbrake support problem with any of the Thrustmaster pedal sets plugged in the T300RS.

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