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Modifying driver changes & having a look on current driver age


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Hi everyone

I am wondering if anybody could help answering the following questions I have:


1. Is there any chance to - let's say - take Verstappen from Red Bull and to put him to - let's say - Williams at the beginning of a season? I am a dev, so, don't hesitate to give me a nerd solution ... like "look into that ini and chage whatever and also ... blabla 😉


2. Is it possible to figure out how old a specific driver is in - let's say - my 5th season? Verstappen should be then around 28 years old. My goal is to figure out who will likely retire next, as it is obviously that F1 2020 has any kind of inner calculator which - when time is coming - the game says "Vettel is likely to retire at the end of the season". This is kinda realistic and I like it! So, is where can I find the ages of the drivers?


Hope anybody has a hint 😉




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